About Sal

Dream away to the sound of swaying palm trees and breaking waves. Enjoy a cocktail with your feet in the sand and unwind on the idyllic beach of Santa Maria. Feel the island life and join in with the local rhythms. After a few days of rest, it’s time for some action. Kite Beach is within easy reach and is the spot in Cape Verde for kitesurfing. Sal is the ideal place for a tropical beach holiday and practicing your favourite water sports.

Landscape of Sal

Sal is one of the oldest Cape Verde islands and is therefore extremely dry and flat. The ancient volcanic mountains have been flattened by erosion and flooded with Sahara sand from mainland Africa. The interior is arid and desert-like. Water and rain are scarce, so little vegetation grows there. During your holiday, you will be staying by the ocean, so you will not notice this much. The coastline is tropical with pearly white beaches, lively beach bars, palm trees and a clear blue sea that is always nearby.

Santa Maria Beach

Tropical temperatures on Sal

Sal has pleasant temperatures throughout the year, fluctuating between 23 and 29 degrees. We do not speak of European seasons here, but of a windless season. During the summer months, the wind dies down completely and the wind chill temperature is somewhat higher. From November to May, the trade winds blow over the islands, providing a wonderful sea breeze. By the way, did you know that, on average, it only rains 8 hours a year on Sal?

During the cold winter months in Europe, you should come to the Cape Verde Islands to kite surf and enjoy the tropical temperatures!

Santa Maria (Sal)

Santa Maria is the cosy fishing village in the South of the island. The village and its beautiful beaches attract thousands of holidaymakers every year. Despite its tourist character, Sal has retained its carefree nature. The beach is always nearby so don’t be surprised if you get the beach vibe like the locals. In the village, you will see a mix of locals and tourists passing by numerous restaurants with live music, surf schools and shops, bars with local tunes and attractively furnished holiday flats.

Santa Maria city center

Water sports on Sal

Santa Maria is located in a sheltered bay which makes the ocean quite calm. The conditions are ideal to try out new water sports. Around the beach there are several surf schools and rental companies. You can paddleboard, rent watercycles, snorkel, fish, jet ski, surf, windsurf and kitesurf.

Kitesurfing on Sal

Sal is the home spot of the most famous Cape Verde kitesurfers who made their mark on the sport. Strapless riding originated years ago on Sal and is very normal with the locals these days. The most famous place on Sal to learn kitesurfing is Kite Beach, but also in Santa Maria itself you can easily go from the beach into the water with your board. Read more about kitesurfing in Sal.

Kite Beach

Kite Beach is a 10-minute drive from Santa Maria. The homespot of local surfers Djo Silva and former world champion Mitu Monteiro. They set up a surf school here and give lessons themselves. Would you like to follow in the footsteps of these local legends and improve your kite technique? Then Kite Beach is the ideal place to start!

Transport to and on Sal

The taxi ride from the airport to Santa Maria takes 20 minutes and costs 15 euros (in 2021). If you book with BOBBYWASHERE then pick-up from the airport is included. In the centre of Santa Maria you can travel through the village for a few euros. A taxi ride to Kite Beach costs 5 euros. If you want to see more of the island, we recommend you to rent a quad for a few days or to go on an island tour with a local guide.