Boa Vista kitesurfing for advanced riders

Kitesurfing for advanced riders is a great experience on the Cape Verde Island of Boa Vista. The diversity of kitespots that you can visit really makes Boa Vista unique. There is something for every rider; freestyling, foiling to waveriding. The off-road routes to the kitesurfing spots make the trips even more adventurous. Often there are no more than a few kiters on the kite spots. You are in the middle of nature and there are no restaurants or hotels. You feel free as a bird.

kitesurfing for advanced riders

Perfect conditions

The kitesurfing conditions are perfect; lots of sun, a comfortable temperature of around 25 degrees and a constant wind of 16 to 28 knots during the kitesurfing season from November to May. We cooperate with Kite school KiteKriol, the chill-out place for most of the kiters on Boa Vista. Hammocks, nice people and good music create a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. It is the best place to meet other kiters. KiteKriol also offers storage which comes in handy when you do not want to walk to the spot with your gear everyday.

Kite trips

Together with KiteKriol we organize trips to the different kitespots. With a 4×4 pick-up you are brought to the spot, the ride to it is already quite an experience. After this off-road ride you can enjoy the water, the wind and nature. There is always an instructor from KiteKriol present who you can ask for anything. Around lunch time, freshly caught fish from the grill is served with potato, salad and rice. You can also catch your own fish. Around 4pm you will head back to your apartment, on the way back you will stop in one of the small villages to enjoy a local (alcoholic) drink.

Best kite spots in Boa Vista for advanced riders

These are the 5 most popular kite spots from Boa Vista. Please note that only at Praia Carlota rescue boats are present.

  1. Praia Carlota is the kitespot closest to the apartments and the center of Sal Rei. The wind here is off-shore and the water is flat 90% of the time. On this spot there are rescue boats, because the kite school are located here.
  2. Ponta Antonia is the perfect place for beginners and freestylers. It lies northeast of the island and the wind is onshore. In the beginning of the bay there is a small wave, but the further you go at sea the higher the waves. It is a 35-minute drive from Sal Rei.
  3. Ervatão located on the eastern part of the island fascinates every visitor because of its natural beauty, combined with waves for intermediate and advanced level, this spot is unique. The wind is side-offshore. The beautiful little oasis just off the beach is a great place to rest and for a BBQ with fresh fish.
  4. Praia da Chaves is a spot with a lot of variety. From the sea you can surf in and out of a mangrove lagoon, there is flat water for beginners and freestylers and 300m away the high waves of 1.5-3 m make it especially for the advanced kiters. The wind on this spot is sideshore. Even if you put down your kite and walk through the dunes of “Morro de Areia” you will be amazed by the beauty of these dunes.
  5. Varandhina is a spot only for advanced people who love big rolling waves. This spot is located in the southwest of Boa Vista and has a constant side-off-shore wind for perfect long journeys. 500 meters downwind and you are in the open ocean. On the beach of Varandhina you can find caves.
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