Boa Vista’s hero of the month September

Bobbywashere makes sure you have a wonderful holiday stay on Boa Vista, but we also want you to get to know the culture and inhabitants of Boa Vista. In the blog series “heroes of Boa Vista” we introduce you to someone we think you should definitely visit during your holiday on Boa Vista.

Eurico – “No stress” hero

Eurico hero of Boa Vista cape verde

Eurico owner of Art de Mar

I already met Eurico on our first holiday to Boa Vista (in 2014) as the best host and bartender of Boa Vista.
A few years ago he decided to change direction. He quit his job in the hospitality industry, became a vegetarian, started meditating and decided to live in the “here and now” as the followers of Buddhism say. He opened a cute little shop called Art De Mar which literally means “Art of the Sea”. Here you can buy jewellery that he makes himself with what he finds in nature and along the beach. He makes earrings, bracelets and necklaces from beautiful coral stones and shells for prices between €5 and €15. The whole of Sal Rei, at least the women, know how to find him in the picturesque street near the town beach Praia Diante. A visit to him is definitely worthwhile as he is without doubt the most relaxed and nicest man in Sal Rei. If you are in the neighbourhood, ask “onde esta a loja de Eurico” and the locals will certainly show you the way. You can also visit his facebook page Art De Mar Bubista.

Souvenir shop from Eurico at Boa Vista Cape Verde

Souvenir shop Art De Mar at Boa Vista