The coolest kitesurfing school in Cape Verde

Boa Vista with its long sandy beaches is a perfect destination for kite surfers. In the months of November-April a pleasant trade wind between 12 and 24 knots blows almost daily. In this blog we will introduce you to the coolest kite surf school in Boa Vista (Cape Verde).

3 local kite surfers with a dream

KiteKriol is the name of the kitesurfing school on Boa Vista which is located in the bay of Sal Rei. Sal Rei is the capital of Boa Vista and also the place where our apartments are located. KiteKriol was founded by three local kite surfers who everyone knows as Mite, Yuri and Joke. All three were born on Boa Vista and have had a passion for golf surfing from an early age. When a Polish surfer opened a kitesurfing school on Boa Vista they got the chance to get in touch with the kitesurfing sport. They went to work at this school to learn everything about the sport and teaching. After a number of years of hard work and a lot of saving, they were able to realise their dream: Opening their own kitesurfing school on Boa Vista.

From dream to reality

In 2015, the kitesurfing school opened on the most beautiful sandy beach in the bay of Sal Rei – Carlota Beach. From the center or your Bobbywashere accommodation it is about a 15 minute walk or 2€ by taxi. In the beginning it was a small wooden shed and the men had a lot of competition. Yet they managed to turn the school into “the place to be” for the kite scene. Not in the least because, at the end of the day, there is always a party at the school with delicious fresh fish on the BBQ and a bucket of Caipirinha to quench their thirst. At the moment the school is much bigger with an extensive storage, a bar, a restaurant area and two rescue boats.

Fresh fish and chicken on the BBQ at kitesurfing school KiteKriol

IKO certified kitesurfing school on Boa Vista

Today the KiteKriol team no longer consists only of Yuri, Mite and Joke. In total there are 6 local boys teaching. Together they speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and French. Also a number of instructors are IKO certified. This means that these instructors have obtained their diploma and are allowed to teach. But even if you can kitesurf, KiteKriol is the best place to be. The guys are always there for you, they always give good tips&tricks and like a party, of course after kitesurfing!

instructors at kitesurfing school kitekriol on Boa Vista cape verde

The team of kitesurfing school KiteKriol