The Islands

A sunny archipelago off the west coast of Africa. It is a good way to briefly describe the Cape Verde Islands. But short description and Cape Verde do not go together. The 10 islands of Cabo Verde differ enormously from each other. Whereas Sal and Boa Vista are all about sun, sea and beaches, Santo Antao and Santiago are green pearls with valleys, mountains and eco lodges.

The Cape Verde Islands have one thing in common: the good weather. Even in the winter months, the temperature on the archipelago barely drops below 24 degrees.

Bobbywashere has apartments on Boa Vista & Sal but has connections on all islands. Would you like to do some island hopping? We are happy to help you organise your trip.


The cape verde islands

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Bobbywashere apartments are located at a couple of minutes walking to the beach. You will love the beautiful sandy beaches and the nice ocean.

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