Boa Vista’s hero of the month of October

Bobbywashere makes sure you have a wonderful holiday stay on Boa Vista, but we also want you to get to know the culture and inhabitants of Boa Vista. In the blog series “heroes of Boa Vista” we introduce you to someone we think you should definitely visit during your holiday on Boa Vista.

Sara – Cappuccino Hero

Sara barista at boa vista cape verde


Sara moved to Boa Vista a few years ago. She makes the most delicious cappuccino of Boa Vista. She can’t help it because Sara was born Italian. She works from Monday till Saturday from 07.00 till 15.00 in the Catchupa Bar. Catchupa is a typical Cape Verdean dish consisting of fried beans and corn and is eaten for breakfast or lunch. You usually season it with chorizo, fish or a fried egg. In addition, Nadia, owner of the Catchupa Bar, makes delicious cakes, biscuits and cakes. A visit to this little Italy is definitely worth it. Check out the facebook page of Catchupa Bar here.

If there is any wind Sara will sprint to the sea to go kitesurfing on her strapless wave board. You will see her at the kite spot of choice for the kite school KiteKriol. Sara is always very kind, well groomed and speaks that beautiful Italian english.

Cappuccino at catchupa bar on boa vista cape verde

Cappuccino made with love by Sara