Boa Vista’s hero of the month November

Bobbywashere makes sure you have a wonderful holiday stay on Boa Vista, but we also want you to get to know the culture and inhabitants of Boa Vista. In the blog series “heroes of Boa Vista” we introduce you to someone we think you should definitely visit during your holiday on Boa Vista.

Yuri – Best kitesurfer and kitesurfing instructor from Boa Vista

Yuri Neves

Yuri, kitesurfing instructor and owner of KiteKriol, we met in 2014 during our holiday to Boa Vista. He and his friends Mite and Joke, 2 other Boa Vista heroes, had just started the kite school Kite Kriol. In the beginning there was up to a small wooden shed and the men had a lot of competition. Still they managed to develop the school into “the place to be” for the kite scene. Not in the least because, at the end of the day, there is always a party at the school with delicious fresh fish on the BBQ and a bucket of Caparinha to quench the thirst. At the moment the school is considerably bigger with an extensive storage, a bar and restaurant area and two rescue boats. Yuri is the only Boa Vistian who participates in the World Kite Tour, competitions for professional kiters, when held on the island of Sal. When it comes to speed, he is virtually unbeatable. He invariably finishes in the top 3, together with the two other Cape Verdean kite world champions, of the 50 km kite downwinder Sal – Boa Vista that is organised every year. Yuri is tough, funny and responsible. He keeps an eye on everything for the kite school and makes sure everyone can get home safely at the end of the day. Kitekriol and Yuri are definitely worth a visit, even if you don’t kitesurf!

instructors at kitesurfing school kitekriol on Boa Vista cape verde

Team of KiteKriol