winner of wave riding boa vista's regional championship

Regional kitesurfing championship at Boa Vista 25 February 2021

A regional kitesurf championship took place on the 7th February on Ervatão beach. 30 national kitesurfing athletes showed all their skills during this kitesurfing wave riding competition.

kitesurfing school kitekriol on boa vista cape verde

Kitesurfing school in Cape Verde 10 September 2020

In this blog we will introduce you to the coolest kite surf school in Boa Vista (Cape Verde). Boa Vista with its long sandy beaches is a perfect destination for kite surfers.

jalou langeree riding waves at boa vista

Jalou Langeree, the Dutch world champion, on holiday at Boa Vista! 26 February 2017

In 2017 Jalou Langeree, the Dutch kitesurf world champion, was on kitesurf holiday on Boa Vista. We had invited her to visit and film the best kite spots in Boa Vista. You can see the result in her vlog!